Lofty Pearl Townhouse for $845K

This recently listed townhouse in the Pearl District has a pretty great patio and private courtyard. Plus, it exhibits loft-like qualities that we gravitate towards here at Urbnlivn (although I wish the rail on that loft space wasn’t quite so, um, opaque).

There is much more to like than dislike about this townhouse though: cherry hardwoods, a nicely outfitted master bath, and great touches in the kitchen including Sub-Zero refrigerator and that cool kitchen table on casters (at least I hope the table comes with).

Located at 1135 NW Irving St, this two level dwelling contains 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and nearly 3,000 square feet. Last purchased in 2005 for $875K, the 1996-built townhouse is now listed for $845K.
11548192 1 1 Lofty Pearl Townhouse for $845K
11548192 3 1 Lofty Pearl Townhouse for $845K
11548192 5 1 Lofty Pearl Townhouse for $845K

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