Interesting Sales Last Week

In Portland, 2 townhouses, 9 condos, and 48 homes changed hands. Notable sales in the condo market were two units at the Metropolitan and one at Elizabeth Lofts — all in the Pearl District.

1001 NW Lovejoy #410
11099069 3 1 Interesting Sales Last Week

A 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo on the 4th floor of the Met sold for $760K. Listed in the second half of August for $795K, it took one price adjustment to find a buyer. That’s $465/sf for the 1,636 square foot condo that features upgraded doors, built-ins, and cabinets.

1001 NW Lovejoy #409
11170357 9 3 Interesting Sales Last Week

Also on the fourth floor of the Met is #409 which took a slightly different path to sold. Listed in April, the 1,237 square foot condo underwent 3 price adjustments before finally selling for $435K — or $352/sf. I’m a fan of the custom flagstone walls and a lot of the other custom touches in the 2-bedroom, 2-bath and have to wonder what took so long and why it sold for less?

333 NW 9th Ave #901
11537668 1 1 Interesting Sales Last Week
A 1-bedroom, 1-bath, and 1,058 square foot unit at Elizabeth Lofts sold for $320K after six months and one price adjustment. Memorable for its custom privacy panels in the master (which reportedly added $9K in additional value), the 9th floor condo garnered a price per square foot of $302/sf.

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