Atwater Place Tour and Photos

IMG 0419 1024x764 Atwater Place Tour and Photos

I stopped in to check out Atwater Place in the South Waterfront several weeks ago. You know, since they’ve only been on the market for several years now :).

Located at 841 SW Gaines St, the luxury condo building was constructed in 2007, totals 214 residences & 23 stories, and is commonly described as a “luxury level, LEED Gold certified glass tower”. Besides the sustainable practices, modern design, and high end finishes, the memorable factoid I walked away with was that the exterior windows are the same as the ones being used in the new World Trade Center. Not a mention of it in the marketing materials though?

At the time of my visit, there were 41 condos remaining of its 214 residences, and six of those were townhouses (two of which are currently leased). Interestingly, 41 is the same number of condos Atwater Place offered in a 2009 auction event. Agent503 reports that 40 of 41 sold at auction for an average of 41% above minimum bid; and the Oregonian calculated that units auctioned for an average price per square foot of $299/sf. Currently available units are listed as low as $235/sf and as high as $637/sf. In the past year, 42 units have sold for an average price of $355/sf.

Unfortunately, my visit was a week too late to attend an unveiling of their new townhouse model home. But I was able to check out unit #2006 with is exemplary views of the river. An upper floor condo, it contains 2-bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 1,890 square feet and is asking $935M. Mostly I found myself digging the size of the deck and the master bath (on top of the finishes, views, and floor-to-ceiling windows).

IMG 0422 1024x764 Atwater Place Tour and Photos

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