Sharing the (Link) Love

Return to Urbnlivn PDX often enough and you’ll start to notice: we love real estate. Sometimes it is flat out admiration, other times it comes out more like tough love (okay, so we don’t love everything all the time and we talk about that too).

Contemporary, Modern, Mid-Century, Green, Ultra-Green, Shipping Container, Prefab, Pre-Sale, Cottage, Bungalow…it all gets touched on at some point. In other words, we’re dedicated to curating and discussing what moves us — and we’re hoping you’ll join the conversation.

Who me? Yes, you. We can’t possibly see or know about everything interesting going on in Portland (but we’ll sure try). If you have a project, listing, development, pre-sale, or whatever that you are excited about then send a heads-up to We’d love to hear about it and help get the word out.

If you have a real estate-related website or blog, get in touch. We’re just starting to build the link list for our front page and would love to have you on it — be you broker, builder, developer, architect, interior designer, or just plain enthusiast on the Portland real estate scene.

C’mon, what are you waiting for? Say hi and introduce yourself. We’ll say hi back.

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