Division 43 Tour and Photos

Wow, I last checked in with Division 43 two months ago when there were 6 of the 29 units under contract. After a sales event at the end of October and what looks to be a solid number of units committed last weekend, the number of pending units has risen to 15 — half the available inventory!

Prices for the remaining available units run from $99,995 up to $164,995. Over half are studios but you can still get your hands on a loft or 2-bedroom.

I stopped by the development to get a feel for Division 43′s small footprint living and take a few photos. In general, I thought the functional layout of the units was quite intelligent to maximize use of space.

After walking the neighborhood a bit I realized that 1) retail and food is easily within walking distance and 2) most homes in the area are conservative in size and Division 43′s offering – while small – is not so far off the square footage of the petite homes nearby.

Small nitpicks included the too shallow cabinets at the top of the stairs in the 2-bedroom units (but I guess any storage is good storage with limited space). In the loft I found myself wishing for more of a loft feel: floor-to-ceiling windows and a steel rail or something less opaque than the current upper loft rail.

And before I cut to some of my photos, I’ll mention that the notable community features include a small garden space plus storage for 32-bikes and workshop. Nice.

The development:
IMG0499 M Division 43 Tour and Photos

A studio:
IMG0467 M Division 43 Tour and Photos

From the upper level of an unfinished loft unit:
IMG0491 M Division 43 Tour and Photos

The rest of my photos can be viewed here.

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