Under Contract: Two Micro-Homes at Division 43

I’ll admit to being just plain curious about the Division 43 development of 29 micro-homes. Looks like about six listings for this new construction development have popped up in the past two weeks and two of the homes are already under contract.

If you are not familiar with Division 43, it is a car-free development of tiny condos — 29 in all built on 1/3 of an acre. Portland Mercury did a write-up in May and had this to say:

Their pitch sounds like it’s right out of a Portland Plan wet dream: “Homes sized just right for Portland. And just right for you. Where it’s easy and convenient to live car-free. Where you can get to know your neighbors in friendly, relaxed outdoor spaces.”

The developer’s site, DR Horton, focuses on the right-price message but also greens it up:

These condominium homes are built on a compact footprint, using salvaged and sustainably produced materials. So not only are they a better use of natural resources, they’re priced within reach.

Prices start at $129K for a studio (364 sf) and go up to $200K for a 2-bedroom (687 sf). HOA dues look to be approximately $.36/sf per month which is probably about average for new construction considering it covers the basics (garbage, sewer, water, and insurance) plus commons (presumably landscaping) and management.

Details on the two that are under contract:

And here are a couple of photos from the listings. The loft definitely seems like the most appealing option. And while I’m not too keen on the floor plans only including stall showers, I guess that’s what small footprint living is about!

11161501 2 0 Under Contract: Two Micro Homes at Division 43

11369023 3 0 Under Contract: Two Micro Homes at Division 43

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